Quick info
Where: St Scholastica's College, Glebe
Cost: $6/session (unless specified otherwise)

Roleplaying games are a fantastic hobby that build social skills, maths skills and encourage imagination and creativity. Unlike computer-based roleplaying games, tabletop roleplaying games are a commual activity, requiring face-to face interaction with other players, EYECON Kids Day! is designed to introduce primary school age children (6-12 year olds) to the fun and exciting world of tabletop roleplaying games in a safe and child friendly atmosphere. The event will be held on the Saturday Morning between 9am –Noon. For more information or if you have any questions, please use our Contact page.

 Activities this year will include:

1. A table top session, written especially for children

2. An introduction to LARPing, which runs more like Theatre sports/Drama Games, to introduce the kids to the basics of characterisation and improvisation

3. A painting session to get kids started on the idea of using miniatures

4. Easter Egg Hunt.

There will be a light tea break  where fruit and water will be provided, and all kids leave with a medal to remind them of the day.

We have limited the number for KIDS DAY! this year to 20 places. It is IMPERATIVE that you PRE REGISTER, for Kids Day! Please use our registration system to sign up your child to avoid disappointment on the day (click on 'Register' in the menu on the left and follow the instructions).  

Children can be dropped off at session start and picked up at the end session for any emergencies (in fact it's a perfect opportunity for parents to play the other games on offer at the convention).

If, after the completion of the KIDS DAY program, your child wishes to play other games at the convention, please approach the staff at the registration desk for suggestions/advice of what games may be suitable.

Parents / Guardians Notes:

All events will be suitable for children attending primary school. 

All children who attend will receive a small participation award.  

All games will play-tested by SRGA Members and available to parents for review upon request prior to convention if desired. 

All craft material provided will be child-safe.  

Parents Or Guardians must remain on-premise at the convention and be available during the session.

If your child has special requirements or dietary consideration please inform us in advance so that we can appropriately pre-plan.