Quick info
Where: St Scholastica's College, Glebe
Cost: $6/session (unless specified otherwise)

Awakened Fables

Welcome to the region of Thaissau; a mysterious and ancient land filled with grand architecture built by a long-forgotten race and natural phenomena like the Spine of the Dragon or the cursed Nevae Forest.  

You're located in the city of Dawn, the capital of Thaissau. Built along the River of Muamman's Tears, this massive city is rich with diverse cultures, historic races, and awe-inspiring institutions such as Dawn College. 

However, few know that Dawn is on the brink of crumbling. The underworld factions, the Thieves Guild, the Cherries, and a mysterious new group known only as 'The Eye' are vying for supremacy and influence throughout the streets of Dawn. 

Daggarvakt, the renowned royal guard, is all that stands between the city and potential ruin. 

However, the events of the city are becoming difficult for the Daggarvakt to manage and they have put out a call for help.. 

You're invited to take part in an adventure where YOU define the story. YOU influence the future events of the campaign. YOU write the history and become lore.    


Awakened Fables is not just a game, it’s a Dungeons & Dragons experience. We pull everything together that Gary Gygax had envisioned D&D to be back in 1976 - artwork, captivating storytelling, dungeons, immersion, and most importantly, community. 

People with existing Awakened Fables characters are welcome to play them, for those new to the campaign world, there will be pre-gens available, or you can contact the Awakened Fables organisers via their Facebook page to organise a character. 

What we do is unique. Every adventure that takes place in our world becomes history and remains canon. This concept has seen our numbers grow from single digits to over 50 people weekly engaging in our games at our location at the Annandale Hotel.