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Where: St Scholastica's College, Glebe
Cost: $6/session (unless specified otherwise)


Hooty McOwlbear's Family Restaurant and Funtertainment Zone!

FROM: Hooty McOwlbear’s Human Resources <> 
TO: Staff at Hooty McOwlbear’s Arvendale North  
SUBJECT: Just checking in!

Hi guys! Thank you so much for being valued members of the Hooty McOwlbear’s Family Restaurant and Funtertainment Zone family. We here at head office really appreciate all the work you do to bring big smiles and full tummies to the children of Arvendale North!  

We understand you’ve been experiencing some revenue and customer feedback challenges over the past few months, and we want to assure you that we’re here for you. Someone will come by at closing time tomorrow to check in on you guys, have a look at how you’re doing and what everything looks like at the end of the day, and see if there’s anything we can do to help the Arvendale North location get back on its feet!  

Hope it all goes well, and just remember the Hooty McOwlbear’s Employee Affirmation: “Don’t growl – give a hoot!” 

Have a great day, 
Winky Sparkletoes 
Human Resources


Hooty McOwlbear’s Family Restaurant and Funtertainment Zone! is a D&D Fifth Edition adventure for 3-6 eternally overworked employees trying to save their terrible jobs. Pregenerated characters will be provided. No system knowledge required – newcomers welcome! Management reminds all staff to wash their hands regularly, consult their employee manuals for updates, and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES attempt to clean the grease trap unarmed. 
Presented by Jake Nelson