Quick info
Where: St Scholastica's College, Glebe
Cost: $6/session (unless specified otherwise)

Easter Long Weekend 19 April - 22 April 2019
St Scholastica's College, Glebe, NSW, 2037

EYECON is a role-playing and gaming convention run by the Sydney Roleplaying Games Association. It runs each year on the Easter Long Weekend in Sydney.

EYECON is a chance to play pre-prepared games prepared by our friendly team of volunteer gamemasters. The motto for EYECON is "bring your friends, try new games and have some fun"

Never played a role-playing game before? Go to our What is Role-playing? page for answers and more detailed information.

A variety of game genres are available, including regular table-top games (such as Dungeons and Dragons), free-forms (similar to live action games or LARPs), card games, board games and more. 

Players may sign up individually or in teams of up to four to eight, although there is room in some cases for larger groups. 


28th February 2019 - Over the weekend all games will be uploaded and Registration will open on Monday morning.

1st March 2019 - Updated Conditions of Entery / Code of Conduct page (Left)

2nd March 2019 - Finalising Game Submissions...

3rd March 2019 - Uploading all the games blurbs to the website - We have some amazing Indy Games offered.

4th March 2019 - Reviewing the games schedule in preperation for opening registration this week.

Registration is Open

29th March 2019 - Two Epic Adventurers League (AD&D) games added

DDEP08-01 Chaos in the City of Splendors (EPIC)

DDEP08-02 Stardock Under Siege (EPIC)


 The SRGA would like to recognise the many companies that have supported our conventions over the years.