Quick info
Where: St Scholastica's College, Glebe
Cost: $6/session (unless specified otherwise)


DDAL00-11C I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Pain

Working for an imp may not seem right, but as imps go, Pipyap doesn't seem to be too evil. And it's not like you had anything else that you were doing, so when he offered to pay you to collect a package for him, it seemed like easy money. That is, until he mentioned that it's on the third layer of Hell ... but you'd already agreed by then and going back on an agreement with a devil ...


This is part of the Pipyap's Guide to the Nine Hells storyline.  

This is a 3 hour adventure designed for 3-7 characters of levels 5-10. You must have a legal Adventurers League character in that level to play this adventure.

Written by Amy Lynn Dzura.