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Where: St Scholastica's College, Glebe
Cost: $6/session (unless specified otherwise)


Die With Honour Version 19.2

Welcome to the final slaughter of the mercenary scum of adventurers that claimed to fight for the king of Cormyr, the righteous, and the victorious...Huh. AS if they can barely keep them selves alive let alone victorious. The last of the die hard adventurer's all worn out and tired trying to finish a job meant for an army that is all dead...and their next, but they do not know that.  

Party of 4-5 Gamers required for the last act of defiance against the evil in stone mount. One of the most blackly and evilest hearts of the land. Guaranteed miss-recognised and distorted creatures of the land ever. It took 4 battalions of men - which included knights, footmen, archers, priest and Magi - just to halt the wave of demons and monsters flowing from the black heart into -the once rich- now war torn land. While every one else is licking there wounds you lot (players) and two other mercenary parties - that did not enter main battle - are being sent in to the heart of mountain and make sure it is clear…. Or not. 

This is an ongoing decade spanning Campaign that takes off from where you left off the previous year and for new players it also a new campaign at the same time. No Previous D&D 5th edition knowledge necessary but helpful. Character creation required during the secession, with some allowance for pre-created characters on approval from Dungeon Master also characters from previous year allowed to return where they left off last year.  


Created and Presented by Salvatore Conti
Die With Honour runs throughout the convention